Oncogene Science was recently acquired by Nuclea Biotechnologies, Inc. Nuclea is headquartered in Pittsfield, Massachusetts with additional operations in Worcester, Massachusetts. Nuclea has developed and is commercializing unique diagnostic tests for colon, breast, leukemia, lung and prostate cancer. Nuclea also performs research leading to novel molecular oncology companion diagnostics for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. For more information, visit www.nucleabio.com.


Along with our selection of research use only kits, we strive to provide the medical community reliable in vitro diagnostics, such as our Serum HER-2/neu ELISA test, for the monitoring and management of patient care. Please visit our Products page to learn about our high quality tests for measuring oncogenes, growth factor receptors (HER-2, EGFr), proteases and protease inhibitors (uPA, PAI-1, TIMP-1), as well as markers of hypoxia (CA IX).

Latest News: Nuclea Biotechnologies Inc. acquires WILEX Inc. and extends their cooperation with WILEX AG

Learn more about the Serum HER-2/neu ELISA Test as an additional tool to help manage metastatic breast cancer


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